Timm Johnson

Action Rèsumè

A job at Double Fine would be awesome.
So I went to their "Action Jobs" web page, and there is this really neat story at the bottom.
Like any starry-eyed industry hopeful, I made it into a game. You download it here and play it on Windows.


Original game made in Unreal.
Collect wood, put it in your fire before the fire burns out or the sun sets.
Work quickly and efficiently to survive all six levels.
Fast-paced game with tight controls.
Music Credit: LarryInc64


My first original Unity game, two week development time.
Play as an antivirus, and destroy the source of the infection before it destroys you.
Play it here (~3 minute playtime)
Music Credit: CarboHydroM

Key Virtual - VR Arcade

While not a game, Key Virtual is some of my best work.
Small business know-how + techie powers + elbow grease = a small virtual reality arcade.
People would pay a few dollars to play one of a handful of carefully curated games.
Thanks to customer service that put other VR arcades to shame, people loved it.
Check out my reviews here. The ongoing “Events” page is here.

Age of Empires: The Age of The Ring

A Lord of the Rings mod for the original Age of Empires
The product of three years, this mod includes four new factions, a new soundtrack, new units, new technologies, Middle-Earth random map generation, and balanced multiplayer.
For more info, visit the forum post.

8 Pixel Adventure

Made for a game jam with an 8-pixel limit. But being limited to 8 pixels on-screen won’t stop me from making an adventure game!
Concept to completion in forty-eight hours, even though we were both new to Unity.
Play it in your browser (5-10 minutes, requires sound).
My role: Concept, level design, graphics, sound design, movement scripts, project management.

Marshall University

Collaboration with Cameron Asbury.
Squirrels run around campus to guide the player on a virtual tour of Marshall University.
The entire outdoor campus, as well as one classroom, were recreated in Unreal Engine.
Several models by sintusha. Several textures obtained via drone photography.
My role: Concept, level design, drone piloting, some texturing and modeling, HUD, research.